Forged by friendship and positivity we want customers, friends and the community to enjoy our products and service. As experts in the field we offer extensive support and care throughout the brands that fit within the Providore & Co family. Under the Providore & Co umbrella sits our own kasa coffee, a premium boutique coffee brand. We also stock and distribute associated coffee products from Teas and cups all the way to espresso cleaner and alternative milks. 


“Me Kasa es su Kasa”

KASA Coffee

Let Our Coffee be your Coffee and come along for our journey.

From the living room of our home, where we brainstormed and decided to bet on ourselves and our family name, to the full bodied cup of coffee you serve behind your espresso bar. We pride ourselves on creating delicious Coffee and more importantly lasting relationships, we strive to look after our customers as if they were family, to equip staff with the correct tools and to help see your business flourish as we all move forward. So grab a cup of coffee and lets build together.

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bringing you the world in a teacup


Sourcing all our leaf tea direct from the growers, we revel in the knowledge that T BAR tea brings authentic flavours from around the world to your teapot at home. With a great range of black teas, green teas, white teas, oolong teas, rooi teas, fruit teas, herbal teas and great tea gift ideas available online, T BAR helps you relish the moment when someone smartly suggests putting the kettle on.

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Naked Syrups… We’re not afraid to get bear naked


What you see is what you get! A complete beverage brand with a big personality that only uses Natural flavours & colours. Supplying beverage powders, flavourings & much more. The Naked Syrups beverage range has been designed to be served in either hot or cold applications for baking, shakes, sodas, frappes or as far as your imagination stretches, so they can be used across your menu for multiple options throughout the year.

The Naked Syrups range of flavourings are made with high quality ingredients and meticulously crafted in single batches. Only using natural flavours & colours these flavourings provide the perfect balance of flavour and sweetness in every beverage. Each has been specially formulated to deliver amazing flavour and to mix evenly in cold or hot beverages.
Our flavourings have been designed to be the secondary flavour in your favourite brew – allowing the coffee to be the hero.

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